The Best Photo Gallery (For Guys) For Online Dating

In addition to composing your ‘About Me’ and ‘Who Do I Want to Meet’ sections, your online dating user profile involves creating the best picture gallery. In order for girls to see how you really look like, you could utilize this section to put numerous or a few pictures of yourself.

AnastasiaDate lady DayanaIt might be a no-brainer for most – they believe that all you need to do is post random photographs of yourself in various places while adding several nice selfies that were recently taken. What men don’t know is that the chances of finding and meeting the perfect lady could be reduced due to these ‘selfies’ and random photos.

if you wish to make the best picture gallery in your online dating user profile, please follow the suggestions below:

First Tip: Consider taking professional photos for your on-line dating profile page photo.

As people search through the user profiles, the user profile photo is the first thing they notice. If you want to leave a good initial impression then perhaps you could hire an expert to take your on-line dating user profile picture. Bear in mind that a nice dating profile should not be matched with a ‘selfie’ but a good profile page photograph as well. This can truly help. Professionally taken photos for main user profile photographs get as much “hits” or attention. Asking a pal who has an interest in photography would solve the problem if you do not have the money for it.

Suggestion #2: Get rid of the cap and the shades.

Would covering your face with a hat and sun glasses give the girls a clear view of your face? Get rid of them! It is important to show your entire face and that includes your eyes. You can add these kinds of pictures in your photo gallery only if you are on a holiday but don’t forget that this suggestion is just for the profile page photo. You could include them in your holiday photographs if you wish.

Third Suggestion: Surroundings are important.

This one is for your picture gallery.The kind of life you live can be reflected on the surrounding of the pictures you post. If you post a photo of yourself with Mt. Fiji on the background, it would only mean that you love traveling to various places. However, posting a photo of yourself drinking tequila in nightclub surrounded by ladies would only mean that you are a party animal.

More to Come

These 3 suggestions would get you started so get cracking on sorting out the “wrong” pictures that you already have posted. We have loads more where these came from so stay tuned for part 2 of posting the perfect photo gallery in your online dating profile.

Common Myths and Truths: Russian Women

Stereotyping – it’s something that’s very common in our society. We might even find ourselves guilty of it. The truth is many of the stereotypes that we hear or create are true. Although not all are true, several are…unexpectedly. Like for example girls from Russia. A lot of stereotypes are being heard or created about attractive, independent and sexy Russian women. This has transpired since they have been the main subject of men’s dreams in the online dating world for a time now.

Please find below some of the facts and common myths about ladies from Russia:

1.Women from Russia are Pretty – Truth; Girls from Russia are TOO Gorgeous – Myth.

Russian womenAlmost all Russian women are extremely beautiful. In reality, they have been voted to be among the most gorgeous girls in the globe. So it won’t be a surprise to see plenty of beautiful Russian girls in your online dating website. It’s futile to worry. They’re not models (well a few of them work as models for magazines) but they’re on the on-line dating website for the same reason as you – to find someone that can sweep them off their feet. If you are intimidated because they are extremely good-looking…don’t.

2. Ladies from Russia want to be Housewives – Fact; Women from Russia Don’t have the Drive to have a Profession.

Girls from Russia are not all the same. Normally, if the Russian girl you are chatting with came from a conventional familial background, she would want to lead a simple life with her family. It is usually the opposite if she has a good profession because she had a good schooling.

3. Fact: Russian girls are fond of Westerners; Myth: Russian girls just want to escape their life their country.

You can look at this from different viewpoints but it’s actually up to what they prefer. Guys looking for a Russian lady to be their girlfriend does not mean they want to leave their country. Is it possible that when compared with Russian men, Westerners are more passionate to Russian ladies? Can it also be that as opposed to living a life with the same lifestyle, they would like a different one?

4. Ladies from Russia Find Westerners Much more Interesting – Truth; Girls from Russia Find Westerners with Money More Interesting.

The popularity of Russian ladies have caused numerous scams to emerge. Yes, there are ladies that look for rich men but there are lots of honest ones who join online dating sites to look for true love. It’s important to know the difference.

4 Things European Ladies Look for in Guys

Women have this idea in their head about what type of man they wish to be with in the future. But with regards to European girls, it is also the same. It’s wrong to assume that these girls want someone that is truly handsome, well-built and drives a Porsche. In other words, they want the perfect Prince Charming. Let’s just tone it down a bit since we’ve checked out many profiles and you would be shocked at what European ladies truly want in a guy:

1. They would like someone who is sensitive.

AnastasiaDate lady DayanaThis characteristic is easily associated with the words: “soft”, “sappy”, “feminine” and this isn’t in anyway what European ladies want. To further explain, we mean sensitive in a way that you are aware and you consider how she feels. Being empathetic and understanding are similar to being sensitive.

2. A Man Who Would Take Control.

If you believe that ladies from Europe like men who say YES to them at all times then you’re wrong. The man should be able to decide and take control. Don’t forget that almost all European ladies are strong-willed at first but don’t be fooled by their tough exterior because, in the end, they like the guy to be THE MAN of the house – assertive but not forceful, strong yet not overbearing, enforces rules but not demanding.

3. They like someone who would provide.

Any girl would want somebody who has a steady income. European ladies would like their MAN of the HOUSE to be able to provide for the family’s basic needs. Having a man whom they can count on financially makes them feel secure and this is crucial to them. They do not mean providing for everything. Because European ladies are independent, they are able to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, it is also crucial for them to feel secure that you have it covered if the need arises.

4. A Man Who will Respect Them.

Respect, amongst other things, is really essential for European girls. They like a guy who lets them be themselves, lets them follow their personal goals and encourages them to be more self-sufficient. As the guy, wouldn’t you want a woman who is supportive of you and what you wish to attain in life?

Everything is Pretty Much The Same

So what European ladies want is pretty much similar to what all women want. Finding your ideal European girl would be easy if you have the traits mentioned above. Remember, no guy is perfect but…you could be a good guy.

European Girls and What They Look for in Guys

Women have this idea in their head about what type of man they would like to be with in the future. It’s also the same with regards to European women. Generally, you would think that who these European girls want is Prince Charming – perfect, attractive, great shape, rich, has a Porsche Panamera – but, that’s not what we have observed. Though this might surprise you, the following are what European ladies want in men and this is based on their profiles:

1. A Man who is Sensitive.

European womenThis quality is easily associated with the words: “soft”, “sappy”, “feminine” and this isn’t in anyway what European girls want. To explain further, we mean sensitive in a way that you’re aware and you consider how she feels. If you are empathetic and understanding then those traits could also mean that you’re sensitive.

2. The Take-Charge Type of Man.

Don’t believe that ladies from Europe like guys who say YES to them all the time. The man should be able to decide and take control. Don’t forget that almost all European girls are strong-willed at the beginning but don’t be fooled by their tough exterior because, eventually, they like the man to be THE MAN of the house – assertive but not forceful, strong but not overbearing, enforces rules yet not demanding.

3. They like someone who could provide.

It’s crucial for a girl to have a man who has a stable profession. European ladies like their MAN of the HOUSE to be able to provide for the family’s essential needs. They want to feel secure in the fact that they could rely on you on a financial basis. They do not mean providing for all the things. It is vital for European girls to feel secure that you have it covered if the need arises even though they’re self-sufficient and are capable of taking care of themselves.

4. European women want someone who will treat them with respect.

Respect, among other things, is very important for European ladies. The guy should support independence – allowing them to be themselves in going after their own goals. It’s also vital to a guy to find a woman who would support him in everything he does.

It’s no Different

So what European women want is pretty much the same as what all women want. Finding your dream European woman would be simple if you have the traits mentioned above. Don’t forget, no man is perfect but…you can be a good guy.

Unreasonable Standards in Dating

It is crucial to have standards because it’s utilized as a basis for judgment – what’s right or good and what is wrong or bad. Principle’, ‘rule’, ‘ideal’ and other words which have a positive meaning can be associated with the word ‘standard’. But with regards to dating and having a romantic relationship, could your standards get in the way? Are they referred to as false dating standards?

When it gets in the way

1376391756Whether we know it or not, we have particular qualities of the kind of people we would like to date and have a relationship with. The basis of comparison is known as standards. If we tweak the definition a bit and make it into a prerequisite condition set for the people that we want to meet, this is now what we know as a dating standard. In order to show these kinds of standards, listed below are some examples:

1. Date an individual who is financially stable.
2. I would just date someone who is not selfish.
3. Date a person if we have compatible personalities.
4. Go out with a person who is mature emotionally.

Believe us when we say that the checklist goes on so let’s just stick to these 4.

When you interpret these four standards in a different way, then they can be unreasonable:

1. Date a person who earns six figures at the very least.
2. I would just date somebody who is unselfish. He should put me first more than anything else.
3. Go out with a person if we have compatible personalities based on my list.
4. Go out with an individual who is mature emotionally and absolutely understands me.

We realize that these sound absurd, but quite often, we are totally not aware that we interpret our dating standards this way, allowing them to become unreasonable dating standards.

What to do

So before making your dating standards, try to be realistic. When it comes to making your dating standards, it’s important to be fair and honest. When you do that then you won’t have unreasonable dating standards. This can greatly improve your chances of getting a better viewpoint on things and of finding a companion that would also do the same for you.

Do not Forget

Do not forget that no matter what your dating standards are, they must not be too much. Also remember that your dating standards must measure up to you so do a fair and honest evaluation of yourself. There is actually nothing wrong with having standards. As long as your standards aren’t unreasonable…that’s fine.