AsianDate Helping Singles Meet the Perfect Match with 3 Real-Time Dating Tools

AsianDate is improving their online dating portal even more by offering their members 3 real-time dating features that help them get closer to a potential match.

AsianDate is improving their already excellent online dating services by providing 3 valuable dating features to help make finding partners easier. AsianDate is known for their highest quality technology and dedication to member satisfaction is bringing an array of services to their members.

The provider is focused on providing the best online dating experience possible. It happens to be the most famous online dating service for men thinking about dating Asian girls.

It has been in the business for more than 20 years and is well established and uses unique dating features developed by their talented tech teams. Research has shown that these particular features help bring members closer together much faster and with less effort.

The number one option offered is the Live Chat feature – designed with the best technology so members can access each other easier. There are many unique dating tools under Live Chat: Live Games, Instant Photo Swap, Virtual gifts and what have you.

The second offer is Live Chat Video – you can chat and see each other as well.

This video feature may be accessed using live stream and allows communication to have more depth and meaning since members can see the other persons body language. The video part helps members determine if the person is suitable to them or not. Another great use for the Live Chat with Video feature is using it to confirm the identity of the other party.

Lastly, CamShare.

It is a HD correspondence program used to connect with other singles online in real time. This feature is the favourite among members. The company is dedicated to improving their already superb portal to grant members the best possible online dating experience.

Why Become a Member of AnastasiaDate?

Why you should become a member of AnastasiaDate

This post lists a number of excellent reasons for signing up with AnastasiaDate. Apart from getting to talk to beautiful ladies from all over the world, obviously. The main reason to join AnastasiaDate is that it enhances people’s online dating experience.

Updates are made on membership offers – new and existing members are granted access to great bonus options.

1. The Welcome Credits

As the name suggests – these credits are geared towards new folk singing up to the site: they get 20 credits free of charge. These credits may be used for using different correspondence features the site offers: Live Chat, CamShare and more. These are ranked the best options on the portal.

2. Love Notes

At last, this feature no longer requires purchasing credits – it is free for everyone! There’s no limit to how many notes you send out or how many ladies they go out to. This means you are saving a lot.

3. Free Chatting

After the membership is activated, members acquire 10 free chats. Free chats can be used talking to one person or completely separately. Free chats also renew at the beginning of each month. It is offered each and every month so you can stay in touch with the women that have captured your attention.

4. The Daily Credits

The daily credits offer is only for members.

Members need to sign up for the offer and once it is done – they are free to use them on three different occasions while having to make only one purchase. One rule must be followed: you aren’t allowed to have any credits when you sign up. Members can buy a new set of credits once the previous ones are all used.

5. Credits Offer

The credits package was created focusing on saving. To provide members with great value, AnastasiaDate provides a package deal of 500 extra minutes of calling. They will be added to your CallMe chats.

6. A Free Session with CamShare

All members should examine bonus services and consider using some of them to earns points. After accumulating 200 points you receive a free CamShare session with anyone you like. With Live Speaking, you earn a point for every 10 minutes. Therefore if you’ve been chatting for an hour you have earned 6 points.

Tips: The service that allows members to earn the most points is the Gifts and Flowers service.

With these offers, members are sure to have an enjoyable online dating experience. All that you’ll be required to do is sign up on, activate your membership and use the features. Consistency with using them will grant more points.

AnastasiaDate is devoted to member gratification and will carry on strengthening their portal for an even better experience.

Are Your Dating Standards Too High?

Standards – every individual has them and they’re vital in this world since they keep things in order and, in general, tell us what is good and what’s bad. The word standard is associated with “principal”, “rule” and “ideal” that all have a more positive meaning. But with regards to dating and having a romantic relationship, could your standards get in the way? Are your dating standards too much?

When it gets in the way

dating standardsEither consciously or subconsciously, everyone has ideal qualities for the individuals that we want to meet. The basis of comparison is referred to as standards. But with regards to the requirements of individuals we would like to date and perhaps have a romantic relationship with, this is referred to as dating standards. Please find below a few examples showing these types of dating standards:

1. I will just date someone with a stable career.
2. Only dating someone if she/he is generous.
3. I would only go out with someone who has a compatible personality with mine.
4. I would only date someone who is mentally mature.

This list can go on and on but in the meantime, let’s talk about the ones mentioned above.

Though the 4 standards stated earlier are not too much, they can be completely different when you interpret them this way:

1. Date an individual who earns 6 figures at the very least.
2. I will only date somebody who is not selfish. He needs to put me first more than anything else.
3. I will just date somebody who has a compatible personality with mine – I have a checklist.
4. Date an individual who is mature mentally and completely understands me.

If you interpret them this way then you probably have unrealistic dating standards.

What to do

The solution is not to make your dating standards too much. You must be realistic and truthful when it comes to your dating standards. If you do that then you won’t have unrealistic dating standards. This can really increase your chances of getting a better perspective on things and of finding a companion that will also do the same for you.


Please keep in mind that it’s crucial to have realistic dating standards, no matter what they are. It’s also crucial to bear in mind that your dating standards should measure up to you so prior to making an analysis of yourself, be fair and truthful. Having standards isn’t bad, not at all. They just have to be realistic, mature and honest.

Avoiding Ripoffs on European Dating Sites

Internet dating is unquestionably enjoyable, but we cannot ignore the fact that some individuals use this industry because it has turned into a popular network for single people around the world. The primary aim for you is to discover real love and find yourself a lifelong partner. When people get into online dating on European dating sites with this kind of reasoning, sadly that leaves them very open to scammers.

AnastasiaDate-Lady-Nataliya-2Now that you’re reading this, you’re probably recalling a few of the occasions that you’ve encountered while you were online dating. If you have not walked into some scammers trap before, you’re lucky, but if you have you will have the knowledge you need to stay away from the same situation if it happens again.

To those who’ve not gone through the experience yet, here are the warning signs that you should look out for:

*Stories that don’t add up (she is being Contradictory).

Even though these scammers are clever, it is impossible to keep a lie going for a long time. Typically, you’ll find that the girl you’ve been in conversations with will provide you with contradictory details about herself. Her favorite color, for example, could be pink this week and purple a little while later. She could make up a number of different places for where her family lives. Sometimes it’s in Russia, the following day in Germany etc.

*Hearing a lot of sob stories.

When it comes to online dating and the woman you’re interested in meeting, you’d talk openly about you and have questions about her. Not even in a million years would you (at the very least not at the beginning) share a heartbreaking story with a person you would like to get acquainted with. If scenarios like these seem like a beginning for something, they almost certainly are.

*”Please help”

So this would be their next move. These heartbreaking stories will surely with the girl asking for your help. Maybe you’re not even talking to a woman and they’ll be explaining to you that you’re the only person on the globe that can help them with their problems. If somebody tells you that you’re the only person on earth that could help them, you are probably walking into a trap.

*Goes out of her way to avoid talking on Yahoo, Google Hangouts or Skype.

All you will hear are justifications if you propose chatting over the phone or through Skype. They might not be who they are saying they are or they may be avoiding sounding nervous while lying. In any case, it is a warning sign that you should watch out for.

These Tips Are Created To Help You Stay Protected

These represent the most common tricks scammers use when attempting to take advantage of someone when dating online. No matter what you do, don’t send money to anybody you haven’t met in real life. Among the oldest tricks in the book is a person asking money from a total stranger which should always be viewed as being a red flag.

The Best Picture Gallery For Online Dating

Besides making your ‘About Me’ and ‘Who Do I Wish to Meet’ sections, your online dating profile page involves putting together a perfect picture gallery. Based on what you like, you can put a few or a lot of images of yourself so that women can see how you actually look like.

The fact is there is more to it than just posting various photos of yourself in different places or what folks refer to as ‘selfies’. What guys don’t know is that the probabilities of discovering and meeting the perfect lady could be reduced due to these ‘selfies’ and random photographs.

So we have several suggestions for you to follow to make the perfect photo gallery in your on-line dating profile:

First Suggestion: Utilize a Professional to Take Your On-line Dating Profile Photograph.

Your profile page photo is your main photo and the very first picture that individuals see when they pass by your profile. You have to consider taking professional photos for this since you would want this main photograph to leave a good initial impression. Do not forget that a good user profile picture and not a ‘selfie’ should match a really good dating profile page. We have a point. Professionally taken pictures for main profile pictures get as much “hits” or attention. Asking a buddy who has a hobby in photography can solve the problem if you don’t have the budget for it.

2nd Tip: Get rid of the hat and the shades.

How are the ladies supposed to see your face if you’ve covered them up in caps or sun glasses? Get rid of them! You’ll get as much attention if you show your entire face, especially your eyes. You could add those types of photographs in your picture gallery only if you’re on a holiday but do not forget that this suggestion is just for the profile photo. Just make sure that this photograph is one of your vacation photos.

Third Suggestion: The Scenery of the Picture.

A tip you could utilize for your picture gallery.The surrounding of whatever photograph you add will reflect what type of life you live. For example, posting a photo of yourself with a beautiful scenery of Mt. Fiji will mean that you want to travel. Do not post images of yourself having beer in a nightclub surrounded by women because this will mean that you’re a play-boy out for a good time.

We will be Back for More

So if you have already posted some ‘wrong’ photos then you could use these suggestions to sort them out. If you need more tips then don’t worry because we will be back for part 2 of making a man’s picture gallery for online dating.