Dating foreign women may look easy but it’s not. In order to be successful, you need to know what the rules of the game are. You won’t find these dating rules written anywhere (maybe except here) but generally, they are just based on common sense – sort of unwritten rules about dating women who are from other countries. You might just find these interesting if you want to date foreign women:

Rule #1: Women basically have the same subconscious

There are, of course, exceptions but most women don’t like overly cocky men. They do, however, respond to confidence. It won’t matter what her cultural background is or her societal background, when she sees you as someone confident, you’ll have her in the palm of your hands. Their needs and wants are a different story. Culture can dictate this area a little bit but, in general, women want someone they can settle down with. Even if a woman will not admit to this, she cannot hide this want in the long run.

This basically just tells you that women’s thinking have a pattern.

Rule #2: She won’t be teaching you her language.

The “please teach me your language bit” only works during the beginning of the relationship where lots of flirting take place. You don’t want to pressure her –
teaching someone a language isn’t easy.

Rule #3: Long term or temporary?

Are you looking to have fun or something serious? The reason for a rule such as this is that it can prevent your partner from getting hurt. You don’t want to mislead and neither do you want to be misled, right? This information needs to be shared before you get into the relationship.

Rule #4: Do make an effort to learn her culture.

Both of you need to make an effort in this field. She needs to do it too because it would be beneficial for the both of you. Hitting the library every day is
unnecessary – instead, learn as you go along.

More Rules to Discover

These aren’t the only important rules you need to know about. Take time and do research into this topic. International dating is a lot of fun but only if you approach it the right way. We wish you good luck and come back soon for more dating articles.