Russia is a very exciting country to visit.

If you’re migrating to the country or if you’re about to visit soon, it’s going to be such a treat because you’re going to learn a lot of new things – the Russian culture, the Russian language, the Russian history – and meet new people – maybe beautiful Russian women? Every one of these sound excellent but we suggest that you prioritize learning 5 things that you might find weird instead of diving into the country’s history, language, and people. Some things on this list may sound strange since they are new to you but believe us – you will be happy you learned about them in advance.

1. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside the house.

visiting RussiaYou’re going to wear slippers instead which the household will provide for you during your visit at their house. Don’t forget that you need to leave the slippers there before you go, it’s not yours – the household just lets you borrow it.

2. Where are the light switches?

In the majority of Russian households, you can find them not inside but outside of the room. Good thing to remember to avoid potential frustration.

3. No whistling indoors!

In Russia, whistling indoors means that either the house will catch fire soon or people will lose their money.

4. Did you rent out a condo?

Take out your keys and see if there’s a little magnet attached to it. It is the key to your apartment building. The majority of Russians living in apartments are familiar with this little magnet so if you have a friend that does live in one, make him or her show you what magnet we’re talking about.

5. Going on a small holiday

Don’t just kiss your loved ones and go out the door. According to a Russian tradition, you and your loved ones need to gather in a room and enjoy a quiet moment together. Your loved ones might then say their goodbyes to you since goodbyes should be done inside the flat. This is a classic Russian custom and Russians feel that it will make sure of your safe return.

Do as the Russians Do

Sounds like an unusual piece of advice but your time in Russia will be better like this. Our advice to you is that you adapt to the culture – be it as full of superstition as it is. Get with the program and just go with the flow – when in Russia, do as the Russians do.