Truths and Common Myths About Russian Women

In the world we live in, stereotyping is extremely common. A lot of people are even doing it. The interesting thing, however, is sometimes the stereotypes that we create or that we heard are really true. Not every one of it of course but some are surprisingly factual information. Let’s take Russian women as an example. A lot of stereotypes are being heard or made about attractive, independent and sexy Russian ladies. You see in the online dating world, Russian women are the most sought after by guys and this may be the reason why.

If you would like to know a few of the facts and myths about Russian women, please read the following:

1.Women from Russia are Gorgeous – Truth; Women from Russia are TOO Pretty – Myth.

A lot of Russian girls are truly attractive. It’s even a fact that girls from Russia are among the most attractive in the whole world. You may be seeing that your online dating web site has a lot of really attractive Russian females. Do not1389169622 get worried. Yes, a few of them could be models for magazines but a lot of them are doing the same thing as you – looking for a partner in the on line dating website. If you are nervous because they are really good-looking…don’t.

2. Ladies from Russia would like to be Housewives – Truth; Girls from Russia Don’t have the Drive to have a Career.

Ladies from Russia are not all the same. If you are speaking with a Russian girl who has a conventional background then she probably would like to be a simple housewife. It is usually the opposite if she has a good profession because she had a good schooling.

3. Fact: Russian girls prefer Westerners; Common Myth: Russian women only want to escape their life their country.

It could mean a lot of things but it is really a matter of choice. Searching for a girlfriend among Russian women does not truly mean leaving your life and living in a different country. Maybe Russian ladies find Westerners to be more passionate and thoughtful as opposed to Russian guys? Or perhaps they wish to adapt a lifestyle that’s not the same as the one that they grew up with?

4. Fact: Russian girls are more attracted to you; Myth: Russian ladies are much more attracted to your wealth.

The popularity of Russian women have brought about a lot of scams to emerge. Sure, there are women who look for wealthy guys but there are lots of genuine ones who join on-line dating sites to search for true love. The key is to stay alert for red flags. Online dating can be safe.

Unrealistic Standards in Dating

Standards – everybody has them and they’re vital in our world because they keep things in order and, basically, tell us what’s right and what’s wrong. ’Standard’ is a term which has a positive meaning and can be associated with other words such as ‘principle’, ‘rule’, and ‘ideal’. Nevertheless, in the field of dating, when do these standards get in the way of a potential relationship? Are they called unreasonable dating standards?

When it gets in the way

dating standardsWhether we realize it or not, we have specific qualities of the type of individuals we want to date and have a romantic relationship with. Standards are utilized as the basis of judgment. If we tweak the definition a bit and make it into a requirement set for the individuals that we would like to meet, it is now what we refer to a dating standard. Please find below some examples showing these types of dating standards:

1. I will just date someone with a stable job.
2. Just dating someone if he/she is generous.
3. I would just date somebody who has a compatible personality with mine.
4. I will just date somebody who is mentally mature.

This checklist can go on and on but in the meantime, let us discuss the ones mentioned above.

Now, these four standards sound very realistic, but here’s when you interpret these standards into something totally different:

1. Only going out with somebody if she/he earns a minimum of 6 figures.
2. Go out with an individual who always puts me first.
3. Only going out with someone if he/she has a personality that is compatible with mine according to my list.
4. I will just date someone who is emotionally mature and he must understand my fits.

When you interpret them this way then you probably have unrealistic dating standards.

The Solution

So before making your dating standards, try to be reasonable. With regards to making your dating standards, it’s vital to be fair and truthful. If you do this, you could simply bring your standards down into a more reasonable level. The possibilities of you finding a partner who will do the same for you would increase as you get a better perspective of things.


Do not forget that no matter what your dating standards are, they must not be too high. It is also important to bear in mind that your dating standards should measure up to you so prior to making an evaluation of yourself, be fair and truthful. It is truly not bad to have standards. They just have to be reasonable, mature and truthful.

Important Things To Know Before Starting a New Relationship

Bad relationships are a dime a dozen, in fact most of us will never know what it’s like to be in a romantic relationship that’s truly satisfying. We settle for less, believing there’s nothing better out there or at least not for us. Women as a species devalue themselves more than any other creature on the planet. No matter how stupid, fat or ugly you think you are – you deserve to be loved, happy, and treated kindly and with respect. If you catch yourself getting involved with a man that suffers from any of the following qualities…get out while you still can!

new relationship

1) He Wants to Commit too Quickly: A desperate man seeking a woman to attach himself to. You don’t want to be that woman.

2) He’s an Addict: Drugs and Alcohol addicts are out of the question when it comes to relationships. You can’t help him and you can’t save him. Point him in the direction of a local recovery center and never look back.

3) He’s Possessive: Be really careful with this one, jealousy and bit of possessiveness can seem innocent at first. The harsh reality may not present itself until much later, when it’s harder to leave.

4) He Lives With His Parents: Okay, well there are some acceptable circumstances in this case. For instance, if he’s young, under 25, and in college. One of his parents passed away or is having health problems. If he’s moved back in with his folks to help take care of them, then that’s also an acceptable circumstance. However you can’t believe what he tells you. It’s embarrassing to live with your parents past a certain age. If he doesn’t have a valid excuse, like one of the two above, he will make one up. You need to investigate a little, make sure he’s not just a freeloader with a lack of motivation.

5) He Doesn’t Have A Job: If he’s between jobs, give the guy a break, he’s getting back on the horse. If he consistently doesn’t have a job, get out, get out, get out! He’s a parasite and make sure you’re not the one he attaches himself to! Having a job means a lot more than he can pay for diner and buy you a birthday present. It represents his character and if he’s not ready to support himself with work, then he’s not ready for a relationship either.

As women, we have a need to care for and nurture people. It’s naturally what we do. We get involved with the wrong kind of man, expecting that we can change him, nurse him back to health, sanity, a job or whatever. Eventually we learn that we can’t change people, they have to change themselves, and many are not willing to do so. Remember that you can always move forward in life, but you can never go back. When getting involved with a man, it’s never okay to rush into things. Take your time, get to know him. It’s a good idea to test him in situations before you consider getting serious with him.

Test 1: You just started dating this guy a few weeks ago, and it’s hot and heavy, you’ve spent every evening together since you met. What You Do: Go out with your friends one night without inviting him. If he gets mad, then it’s time to split. You’re entitled to a life of your own.

Test 2: The next test is to take him out to meet your friends. How does he mesh with them? He doesn’t necessarily have to click with your friends, but friends are people that we choose to have around us, because they make us happy. Many people consider their friends to know them better than anyone. If your friends are important to you then a harmonious life involves a love interest who can get along with your friends.

Test 3: Are you truly compatible? Passion can only get you so far in a relationship. It may not matter that you’re liberal and he’s conservative, but it also may. Figure out a way to see if he really is the bread to your butter. A good way to do this is to make a list of things that you really enjoy. A list of things that you really care about, like social issues. If you notice that he doesn’t connect with you on those things, this may not be the guy for you.

Best 5 Ways to Attract an Eastern European Lady

What interests an Eastern European woman? Must a man possess a certain quality in order for her to fall in love with him and eventually end up getting married? To tell you the truth, these traits may sound really cliché and general but they’re what attracts an Eastern European woman. And, if you possess some of the characteristics, you might just be the lucky guy that she says “YES” to.

ad27This is not to say that European girls have an unreasonably high standard in men. On the contrary, you would find that nearly all girls basically search for similar things. So without further a due, below are the best ten list for what attracts a lady from Eastern Europe:

1. Men Must Have a Good Sense of Humor.

If you are a handsome or average-looking guy then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Nearly all women may look at your physical appearance at first but the next few encounters with her, your personality will play a major role. Make her smile, laugh and giggle with all your jokes or with your silliness. Show her how goofy and funny you can be. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.

2. Men Must Have Good Manners.

Another turn-on which might come naturally to you is good manners – being polite, helping her with the door, assisting her to her seat, etcetera. If you show an Eastern European lady that chivalry is not dead, her eyes would twinkle like diamonds in the sky. She’ll see you as someone who’s extremely well mannered and refined. However, do not try too hard.

3. Men Should Have Intelligence.

If you already have the first two, then being smart will be a plus factor. Is there any girl who will not be turned on by a guy who has a sense of humor, good manners and intelligence? She would certainly be impressed if you show her that you’re fascinated by science, music, art and literature because she will know what type of life you live.

4. Confidence.

It is a fact that many ladies don’t like guys who are insecure of themselves specially in terms of physical appearance and interactions with other people. So be confident in who you are and what you do.

5. Guys Should Have a Wonderful Smile.

If you smile at people then you will know the importance of a smile. It’s true! One attractive, natural, smile can make you seem friendlier, much more approachable and more positive so flash those pearly whites every chance you get.

Start Attracting Girls from Eastern Europe

All these five traits truly work when interacting with ladies online even if there are various other ways to turn on girls from Eastern Europe. Do not pretend and just be genuine. Having one or two of these qualities will definitely help you meet the lady of your dreams so start showing them off.

Reasons to Become an AnastasiaDate Member

What are a few of the advantages of signing up to this excellent site? Besides getting to talk to beautiful ladies from all over the earth, obviously. AnastasiaDate is known to improve people’s internet dating experience.

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4. The Daily Credits

The daily credits offer is for members.

Members must sign up for the daily credits and then use them on three different occasions. There is a rule: members can’t have any credits before signing up. After another purchase is made – the credits can be replenished.

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6. A Free Session with CamShare

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