new relationship

Bad relationships are a dime a dozen, in fact most of us will never know what it’s like to be in a romantic relationship that’s truly satisfying. We settle for less, believing there’s nothing better out there or at least not for us. Women as a species devalue themselves more than any other creature on the planet. No matter how stupid, fat or ugly you think you are – you deserve to be loved, happy, and treated kindly and with respect. And the same goes for men, also. If you catch yourself getting involved with someone that suffers from any of the following qualities…get out while you still can! Or at least start thinking about a new relationship.

new relationship

1) They Want to Commit Too Quickly: A desperate person seeking a someone to attach himself to. You don’t want to be that someone. Or that person

2) They are an Addict: Drugs and alcohol addicts are out of the question when it comes to relationships. You can’t help them and you can’t save them. Point them in the direction of a local recovery center and never look back.

3) They Are Possessive: Be really careful with this one, jealousy and bit of possessiveness can seem innocent at first. The harsh reality may not present itself until much later, when it’s harder to leave.

4) They Live With Their Parents: Okay, well there are some acceptable circumstances in this case. For instance, if they are young, under 25, and in college. One of their parents passed away or is having health problems. If they’ve moved back in with their folks to help take care of them, then that’s also an acceptable circumstance. However you can’t believe what they tell you. It’s embarrassing to live with your parents past a certain age. If they don’t have a valid excuse, like one of the two above, they will make one up. You need to investigate a little, make sure they’re not just a freeloader with a lack of motivation.

5) They Don’t Have A Job: If they are between jobs, give them a break, they are getting back on the horse. If they consistently don’t have a job, get out, get out, get out! They are probably a parasite and make sure you’re not the one they attache themselves to! Having a job represents someones character and if they are not ready to support themselves with work, then they are not ready for a relationship either.

Eventually we learn that we can’t change people, they have to change themselves, and many are not willing to do so. Remember that you can always move forward in life, but you can never go back. When getting involved with someone, it’s never okay to rush into things. Take your time, get to know them. It’s a good idea to test them in situations before you consider getting serious with them.

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