Bad relationships are a dime a dozen, in fact most of us will never know what it’s like to be in a romantic relationship that’s truly satisfying. We settle for less, believing there’s nothing better out there or at least not for us. Women as a species devalue themselves more than any other creature on the planet. No matter how stupid, fat or ugly you think you are – you deserve to be loved, happy, and treated kindly and with respect. If you catch yourself getting involved with a man that suffers from any of the following qualities…get out while you still can!

new relationship

1) He Wants to Commit too Quickly: A desperate man seeking a woman to attach himself to. You don’t want to be that woman.

2) He’s an Addict: Drugs and Alcohol addicts are out of the question when it comes to relationships. You can’t help him and you can’t save him. Point him in the direction of a local recovery center and never look back.

3) He’s Possessive: Be really careful with this one, jealousy and bit of possessiveness can seem innocent at first. The harsh reality may not present itself until much later, when it’s harder to leave.

4) He Lives With His Parents: Okay, well there are some acceptable circumstances in this case. For instance, if he’s young, under 25, and in college. One of his parents passed away or is having health problems. If he’s moved back in with his folks to help take care of them, then that’s also an acceptable circumstance. However you can’t believe what he tells you. It’s embarrassing to live with your parents past a certain age. If he doesn’t have a valid excuse, like one of the two above, he will make one up. You need to investigate a little, make sure he’s not just a freeloader with a lack of motivation.

5) He Doesn’t Have A Job: If he’s between jobs, give the guy a break, he’s getting back on the horse. If he consistently doesn’t have a job, get out, get out, get out! He’s a parasite and make sure you’re not the one he attaches himself to! Having a job means a lot more than he can pay for diner and buy you a birthday present. It represents his character and if he’s not ready to support himself with work, then he’s not ready for a relationship either.

As women, we have a need to care for and nurture people. It’s naturally what we do. We get involved with the wrong kind of man, expecting that we can change him, nurse him back to health, sanity, a job or whatever. Eventually we learn that we can’t change people, they have to change themselves, and many are not willing to do so. Remember that you can always move forward in life, but you can never go back. When getting involved with a man, it’s never okay to rush into things. Take your time, get to know him. It’s a good idea to test him in situations before you consider getting serious with him.

Test 1: You just started dating this guy a few weeks ago, and it’s hot and heavy, you’ve spent every evening together since you met. What You Do: Go out with your friends one night without inviting him. If he gets mad, then it’s time to split. You’re entitled to a life of your own.

Test 2: The next test is to take him out to meet your friends. How does he mesh with them? He doesn’t necessarily have to click with your friends, but friends are people that we choose to have around us, because they make us happy. Many people consider their friends to know them better than anyone. If your friends are important to you then a harmonious life involves a love interest who can get along with your friends.

Test 3: Are you truly compatible? Passion can only get you so far in a relationship. It may not matter that you’re liberal and he’s conservative, but it also may. Figure out a way to see if he really is the bread to your butter. A good way to do this is to make a list of things that you really enjoy. A list of things that you really care about, like social issues. If you notice that he doesn’t connect with you on those things, this may not be the guy for you.