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It is crucial to have standards because it’s utilized as a basis for judgment – what’s right or good and what is wrong or bad. Principle’, ‘rule’, ‘ideal’ and other words which have a positive meaning can be associated with the word ‘standard’. But with regards to having a romantic relationship, do you maybe have unreasonable dating standards?

Are Your Unreasonable Dating Standards Standing In A Way Of Love?

Whether we know it or not, we have particular qualities of the kind of people we would like to date and have a relationship with. The basis of comparison is known as standards. If we tweak the definition a bit and make it into a prerequisite condition set for the people that we want to meet, this is now what we know as a dating standard. In order to show these kinds of standards, listed below are some examples:

1. Date an individual who is financially stable.
2. I would just date someone who is not selfish.
3. Date a person if we have compatible personalities.
4. Go out with a person who is mature emotionally.

Believe us when we say that the checklist goes on so let’s just stick to these four.

When you interpret these four standards in a different way, then they can be unreasonable:

1. Date a person who earns six figures at the very least.
2. I would just date somebody who is unselfish. He should put me first more than anything else.
3. Go out with a person if we have compatible personalities based on my list.
4. Go out with an individual who is mature emotionally and absolutely understands me.

We realize that these sound absurd, but quite often, we are totally not aware that we interpret our dating standards this way, allowing them to become unreasonable dating standards.

What You Can Do About It

So before making your dating standards, try to be realistic. When it comes to making your dating standards, it’s important to be fair and honest. When you do that then you won’t have unreasonable dating standards. This can greatly improve your chances of getting a better viewpoint on things and of finding a companion that would also do the same for you.

Do Not Forget

Do not forget that no matter what your dating standards are, they must not be too much. Also remember that your dating standards must measure up to you so do a fair and honest evaluation of yourself. There is actually nothing wrong with having standards. As long as your standards aren’t unreasonable…that’s fine.

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