Russia is a wonderful place to experience.

Whether you are migrating or just visiting Russia, it will be a memorable trip because you get to experience the culture, the language, the traditions. Surely that sounds like tons of fun but your focus should be on learning what you need to know before you go. You’re going to find this strange because it’s something you’ve never experienced before but believe is when we say that the following will come in handy when you’re already in Russia (especially the part about the bathroom switch, you’ll know what we mean):

1. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside the house.

visiting RussiaYou’re going to wear slippers instead which the household will provide for you during your visit at their house. Remember do leave them by the front door on your way out.

2. Where are the light switches?

In the majority of Russian households, you can find them not inside but outside of the room. It’s a good idea to remember this so you don’t end up frustrated.

3. We, in the western world, find whistling while working or doing what have you a normal activity.

Don’t do it in Russia – it is tied to a superstition that whistling indoors will bring a fire.

4. Thinking of renting an apartment?

Have a look at your key set – there is a magnet. No it’s not for the fridge. It’s a sort of key for getting into your apartment building. A majority of Russians living in apartments are familiar with this little magnet so if you have a friend that does live in one, make him or her show you what magnet we’re talking about.

5. Taking a small trip?

Don’t think you can just kiss your family and take off. Russian customs say that you and your loved ones need to gather inside a living room for a moment. Your loved ones might then say their goodbyes to you since goodbyes should be done inside the flat. This is a classic Russian custom and Russians believe that it will make sure of your safe return.

Do as the Russians Do

Sounds like an unusual piece of advice but your time in Russia will be better like this. Our advice to you is that you adapt to the culture – be it as full of superstition as it is. Get with the program and just go with the flow – when in Russia, do as the Russians do.